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  1. Rob says:

    I have a few questions/ideas on CSV files.
    1. I have a column that that is a comma separated list of values. So imagine this:

    val1, val2, “A,B,C,D”

    Which I need to translate into the following four database rows:
    val1, val2, A
    val1, val2, B
    val1, val2, C
    val1, val2, D

    I don’t see a way to do this in Scriptella.

    2. I have multiple CSV files that have (in database terms) foreign keys to each other. During the transformation stage I’d like to follow one of these foreign keys and pull the data from the second CSV. Then I would have all the data I need to do the database insert. I think I can do this with nested query elements, but I couldn’t quite get it tonight. Here is the syntax I used:


    The $code in the output should have come from the inner CSV query, but it just printed as $code. So I don’t think that is being defined in the context.

  2. scriptella says:


    Let’s use forum for discussion: http://javaforge.com/proj/forum.do?proj_id=781

    1. If possible show me examples of how to solve this using other systems.

    2. Please provide ETL files you were using for the second problem.

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