Using Scriptella for In-Memory Testing

I’ve started writing a small article on how-to populate/refresh a database with JUnit 4 and Spring.

In fact it’s very simple – just lookup and run a Runnable ETLExecutor registered in the application context.

Working with dates in JEXL expressions

I’ve just added a useful feature to the Scriptella 0.8 code base. It allows formatting/parsing dates in JEXL expressions. JEXL lacks a possibility to instantiate Java object or directly invoke static methods. The solution is to use a helper variable named etl which provides several utility classes. is a date format/parse helper. Here is a simple ETL to script utilizing the new feature:

    <connection driver="text" url="${'yyyyMMdd')}.log"/>
    <script>Current time is ${'yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss.SSS')}</script>
In future I can add a possibility to work files, numbers etc. using the same approach, e.g. ${}